IMR Project 58 / Slidez Lederkombis

How much motorcycle does it take for serious racing?

We think that just 1 cylinder and 12-inch wheels are enough!

Unfortunately we can´t sell the feeling of happiness that comes with riding these little beasts.

That´s why we offer the motorcycle.

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About Project 58

Since 2018, Project 58 has been supporting and supplying the german pit bike and MiniGP scene, and since 2020 also Austria with vehicles and spare parts specifically for the IMR and MIR Racing brands.

The original concept of vehicle sales has been continously adapted over the years and the variety of models has been expanded. From children´s motorcycles to MiniGP, we offer a wide range of vehicles. We also currently maintain an extensive spare parts and accessories warehouse and a workshop.

But we have always remained true to the original idea of affordable racing. With the IMR Corse models you can get into motorcycle racing on a budget without compromise on performance. This is also refelcted in the fact that many pit bike training organizers rely on IMR motorcycles. Our Corse 140R and RR models are probably the most common rental motorcycles for event organziers in Germany.

We have a close business relationship with IMR as a manufacturer that has grown over the years. Regular mutual exchange of experiences guarantees sophisticated products and the best possible advice and support for our customers.

Today the company presents itself as one of the largest providers of pit bikes in Germany and Austria.

Pit bikes and accessories - our large warehouse

With the large selection of IMR pit bikes , there is the right vehicle for every requirement.

Form the 10" Copa Alevin for the little ones, to the IMR 140R(R), IMR 155RR, IMR 190RR, the Race Pro models to our high performance bikes, the MiniGP and SuperCopa GP, we always have the right vehicle in stock. We also have an extensive parts warehouse that includes all spare and tuning parts.

Pit bike tires

From the winter/indor tires from Heidenau, IRC & Anlas to the all-rounder Heidenau K80 SRS2/SRM2 to race tyres (Dunlop TT93 GP PRO) and slick tires from PMT, we can cover every area of application perfectly.

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MR pit bikes - what sets them apart?

  • from young racers to professionals, there is a suitable IMR pitbike for every requirement
  • large spare parts warehouse, which is always adequately stocked
  • know how from racers for racers at eye level
  • support on and off the racetrack
  • tips und tricks for you and your bike. We are always at your fingertips
  • our sales exhibition is open for you with advice from an expert

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